Exhibition “Beer Mugs and Vessels” at the Museum “Riga Art Nouveau Centre”
, 12.06.2018

Exhibition “Daffodils” is prolonged and will be open until 17 June.
, 31.05.2018

Exhibition “Daffodils” at the museum “Riga Art Nouveau Centre” 
, 18.05.2018

Exhibition “Musclemen Legends”
, 10.04.2018

Museum working hours during Holidays!
, 27.03.2018

Easter in Museum “Riga Art Nouveau Centre”
, 20.03.2018

Exhibition “Beer Mugs and Vessels” at the Museum “Riga Art Nouveau Centre”

From 14 June till 22 July the Museum Ŗiga Art Nouveau Centre will host an exhibition “Beer Mugs and Vessels”. The exhibition will feature the items associated with beer which is the traditional drink during the Midsummer celebration called Līgo or Jāņi: there are beer mugs manufactured in Latvia in 1920s and 30s from Jessen, Kuznetsov and Ilguciems glass factories as well as beer bottles, glasses, barrels and boxes. The exhibition will also feature a postcard and poster collection about the Līgo Festival and open-air dance parties as well as flowers and greeneries characteristic to the Festival. The exhibition has been created in cooperation with collectors Viktorija Raņķevica and Arturs Altbergs.

As the Latvian national solstice festival is approaching, the Museum is offering its visitors an opportunity to see an exhibition devoted to one of the most favourite Latvian drinks. During the solstice, the magnificence of nature will also be present at the Museum “Riga Art Nouveau Centre” where the elegant Art Nouveau interior will be supplemented with flower compositions from plants characteristic to this period of time. The Collection of postcards in Līgo spirit is diverse both black and white, with landscapes in nature, flower bouquets and guests arriving for the celebration, the photos also feature local beer breweries, for example, Ilgezeem or Ilguciems beer brewery. The postcards are supplemented with Latvian folksongs on the celebration of Midsummer. Only during this celebration the Museum exposition will feature more than 70 different glass beer bottles from 1920s-30s as well as beer ceramic, faience and glass mugs with the celebration requisites – oak-tree leaves, ears of grain, meadow flowers and the celebration guests.
This year brewery Ilgezeem is celebrating its 155 anniversary. Ilgezeem was founded in 1863 in Hilgezeemtika suburb of Riga. During the opening event of the exhibition, the visitors will have an opportunity not only to see the historic photos of the brewery, but also try the Kraft line beer, which was created following 150 year old beer brewing recipes.
Working hours of the Museum “Riga Art Nouveau Centre” during the festival:
22 June from 10.00 to 18.00
23. June from 10.00 to 18.00
24. June from 10.00 to 18.00

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